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Without Firing a Shot' by Ron Walker 

Welcome to the Without Firing a Shot blog. In this introductory page I would like to present a general synopsis of the book and invite you to participate in the discussion.

The first step in solving any problem is to correctly identify the problem itself. This can only be done by taking a hard, honest look at the overall situation. Without taking this crucial first step, we are simply spinning our wheels. Any solutions derived from this faulty technique are destined to fail and, in most cases, only create more problems.

While I cannot speak for other countries, it is my opinion the first problem that should be addressed in the United States is, ironically, the easiest to correct. The problem I speak of is known as political correctness —or PC.

While stating things in an inoffensive way is admirable at times, and I would never suggest or promote being cruel, I believe we as a society have become far too politically correct.

PC is not just a collection of kinder and gentler phrases designed to avoid offending certain people. It has become a brainwashing technique designed to control people by way of how and what they think.

For example, pay closer attention to how many advertisements either directly or indirectly promote the Think Green movement. For the purpose of this example, the question is not whether or not you agree with their views on climate change or protecting the environment.

The real questions should be why is it that some people feel it necessary to tell you what to think? Have they hidden or distorted the facts to get you to think the way they do? Are they the same people who stand to somehow profit from convincing you to believe what they say? Are they telling the truth, or feeding you propaganda to further an agenda? If you take the time to honestly investigate these questions, you may be surprised at what you find. You may also find a better solution to the problem in the process. That reason alone makes it worth the effort.

Average Americans have become quite adept at shaking their heads when they see or hear something they believe to be wrong, unjust, or just plain stupid. They sit around wondering what the world is coming to but are usually too afraid to make an effort to change anything. Although they may express their views privately with family and close friends, they, as individuals, feel helpless to make a difference. They believe the political and social ponds known as the system have become too large and complicated. It is the fear of being swept away by the currents and drowning that prevents them from diving in.

It’s been said that if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. I, like most Americans, have been guilty of this offense. As for this average American, I believe the time for me to again take the plunge into the pond is long overdue.

I started this blog to give examples of how PC is changing the way we think and therefore act as a society. I encourage you to express your opinions on the topics through the Comments section. If you wish to discuss an issue in more detail, write an article and send it to me from the Contact the Author page on the main site (be sure to type Blog Article in the subject line) and who knows, I may even publish it here with your real name or username (you’re choice).

From the navigation panel on the right you will find links to stories that illustrate how PC – whether well intended or not – has influenced our thought patterns. Look under the heading Recent Posts to find these links.

It is not my intention to brainwash people into sharing my opinions, thoughts, or ways of life. There are enough people doing that already. By writing the book and starting this blog, it is my hope and dream to convince people to take an entirely different approach. That is, to think for themselves.

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