The other day, Christopher Freind posted an intelligent, well-researched, common sense article on about Voter ID laws. Coincidentally, I had been working on a similar piece to post on this site when I came across Mr. Freind’s column. Since he did such a great job with this piece, I will limit my contribution here […]

Recently I was contacted by a woman living in Illinois named Connie (a.k.a Exrea) who wrote an excellent poem about political correctness in 2008. In this poem Connie quite eloquently expresses the message I convey in “Without Firing a Shot.” It is a must read for anyone who is tired of being told what they […]

Ever since the Tea Parties became a driving force of political influence in this country, there have been people attempting to discredit them. They have been relentlessly attacked by critics in the media, politicians and private citizens. These people accuse Tea Party organizations of being primarily comprised of violent, radical, uneducated white racists. Some have […]

Of course I realize that the headline of this piece is not a stop-the-presses moment because some on MSNBC’s evening shows seem to thrive on pulling the race card as often as they can. In my opinion, more times than not they do so without any legitimate reason. The following is yet another example. Last […]

Although PC is a serious problem here in the Unites States, it is also not difficult to find examples of it around the world. The following story illustrates how PC is indeed a global problem. In London, England, British Airways banned a Christian woman from wearing a cross on a necklace to work. Heathrow check-in […]