Recently I was contacted by a woman living in Illinois named Connie (a.k.a Exrea) who wrote an excellent poem about political correctness in 2008. In this poem Connie quite eloquently expresses the message I convey in “Without Firing a Shot.” It is a must read for anyone who is tired of being told what they can and cannot say:

War of Words

Imagine for a moment the tower of Babel ---
You remember, the story from the Bible.
‘Twas a testament of what man can do
When working together in one voice not two.
Yet their work was left unfinished and incomplete;
Man's grandiose endeavor crumbled in defeat,
Their unity of one language, God shattered ---
No longer of one mind, they scattered.

The pen is mightier than the sword, ‘twas said.
Today that pen would be a butter knife for bread!
Take heed how ‘Politically Correct' English
Has morphed into a linguistic gibberish.
Confounded by semantics, thoughts are muddled;
Such parsing renders a mind that is addled.
Any lucid thinking is converted to spin;
These things I learned to my own chagrin.

PC talk is kindred to speaking on eggshells
Delivering a diminished dialect of infidels.
This PC culture will be our nation's ruination
Especially when they skew Divine inspiration!
Nevertheless, His Word still stands secure
Despite their futile attempts to obscure!
PC poopaganda is just one more battle
Because theirs is a war of incessant prattle.

Many are duped by this ‘feel good' parlance
Oblivious of conflict as if in a trance...
Clarity of thought is unequivocally lost
In the ‘War of Words'. ‘Tis a holocaust!!
Fear not, no need for concern...
For by His Spirit we can discern!
Just like at Pentecost, they all understood
The many tongues of every brotherhood.

When good men stand up and refuse this stupidity
Reason is restored with much less ambiguity.
Your speech is clarified without PC jargon
And common sense is once again common.
As for me, I will refute, rebut and assert
Even when I sound blunt and curt...
No disrespect intended by my lament,
In this war of words, ‘tis my instrument!

There is a great deal of truth to what Connie says in this poem. We, as a society, have allowed political correctness to go from polite communication to a silencing of free speech. We must never forget that freedom of speech is one of the things that made the United States great. If we wish to remain a truly free and great nation, we can no longer allow this to continue.

If you enjoyed this poem be sure to check out Connie's website.

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